To Sprinkle or Sparkle?

pdf egg

Clearly I am partial to sparkling my eggs (get it? The Sparkled Sidewalk) but both of these techniques are too cute not to share!  Such a fun way to dazzle up your Easter merrymaking with adults or kids & the uses for these are endless!

If you use real eggs make sure to not set out as decor – but this works just as well with plastic or foam eggs! I can imagine the Easter wreaths, centerpieces, garlands & name cards now or the lucky find of one of these pretties on the kiddos’ Easter morning egg hunt!

Anywho…lets hop on over to the details:

  • Cover surface that you are going to be working on with newspaper, set up disposable bowls (any bowl will work, I just wanted easy cleanup) & lay out foam brushes
  • Pour each sprinkle or sparkle into their own separate bowl 
  • Place parchment paper on a plate & pour Elmer’s Glue on it (or in a disposable bowl)
  • Use the foam brush & cover hard boiled eggs with a thin layer of glue on one side – gripping the very top & bottom of the egg with 2 fingers
  • Dip egg into bowl of your choice – cover the one side & let it dry for 30minutes in the bowl or until hard
  • Once dry, put glue on the other side & repeat the above process

Take out & shake off – VOILA! Continue on this fun adventure with whatever coats you like!

If you attempt please send me pictures…and now how am I going to use these for dinner? They are too pretty to eat!

Pinterest Try Outs: Hard Boiling Made Easy & The Golden Egg

If you haven’t fallen into the trap of Pinterest then maybe you have not seen or heard of baking your eggs to get them hardboiled or seen the mystery behind the golden egg. Well , I am all over Pinterest (find me!) & was curious, so I put them to the test. Check it out!

baked eggs

Baked Hard Boiled Eggs: 

  • Preheat oven to 350degrees
  • Place eggs in muffin tins & set in oven for 30minutes
  • After 30minutes run eggs under cold water to stop the cooking process – this will help you peel them in the end too, so do not forget this part!

My review: Some spots were burnt just a tad. On my second batch I turned the eggs at the halfway mark & they did not burn. Regardless if they were burnt or not the taste was the same – yum and they were also easy to peel! Overall I give this method two thumbs up! Easy – just set your timer & walk away from the kitchen. Simple enough for me!


Golden-egg (1)

Infamous GOLDEN EGG:

  • Grab one egg & put in a leg of tights (yes tights) 
  • Place hands on either side of the egg – now swing this around..ALOT (your arms may get tired so switch it off to other people & be careful not to hit yourself or something with this!)
  • Now get a flashlight, go into a dark room & shine the flashlight at egg to make sure yolk is broke – you can tell because the golden egg should be darker then a non broken egg (so compare)
  • Now the problemo with this is you have to boil this egg the good ol’ way – in water.
  • Check out this video if you have any questions on the process!

My review: Oh how I wanted this to work so badly!!! I tried 3 (4 if you count baking*) different batches – all with the same results, no go! Honestly, I could imagine this egg working so well with Easter egg hunts – whoever finds the golden eggs gets a special prize, kids would go crazy! Unfortunately I have to give this two thumbs down! (clearly the pic above isn’t mine – I wish it was!)

* I baked the egg with the my first batch & when I took out it gave me an egg facial (yes, it blew up in my face!)

Have you ever tried these and if so gotten the same outcomes? If not, let me know! …regardless these eggs are going to be dazzled up for tomorrows post, can’t wait!

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