Greek Fava Bean Dip


The hub & I were going through a bit of withdrawal without Greek fava beans. In Santorini this dish was served at every restaurant as either an appetizer or a main and we guzzled it up like it was our job! Clearly, I was itching for some more & tracked down Greek fava beans on Amazon – no grocery store sold it!

I know what you are thinking, Greek fava bean? Typically when you hear of a fava bean you think a large green lima bean-esque bean, right? Well this bean is yellow, tiny, looks similar to a split pea & it is beyond yummy when boiled and mashed!

There is not much to this recipe – cook per bags direction, the cooking steps from the brand I bought, Arosis, are below…

  1. Take half of the fava from one bag (~1.5C) – add to saucepan, cover with 2.5C water & let simmer on low heat for 30minutes
  2. Fava beans should become soft – if not continue to simmer
  3. When soft enough remove from heat & beat to thicken
  4. Stir in 2T EVOO, juice from 1 lemon & S/P to taste – continue to stir till blended

Top with a tad more EVOO, freshly chopped red onion & garnish with lemon wedges!

…and eat this up with a spoon or dip with crunchy bread, enjoy!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 2): 450 calories – 8 grams of fat – 67 carbs – 27 grams of protein

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A quick flight from Athens led us to sunny Santorini & boy was it good timing! After trekking around Europe for a few weeks I was excited to put my feet up, read &  relax at our last destination. The car ride to our hotel in Oia was short & were were greeted by the Canaves staff with drinks (perfect way to start any beach vaca)! After sipping on some fruity beverages, we got taken to our room & hello paradise – private pool & patio with views of sparkling water from every angle!

The next day we were ready for…nothing! All we wanted to do was unwind, so we parked ourselves at the hotel pool, read for most of the day & finally scooted ourselves to our room to freshen up before a ‘Greek Night’ at our hotel restaurant. I was engulfed with Greek music, wine & amazing food from the beginning to the end of our dinner – Santorinian fava, grilled octopus salad, Greek salad & caponata were just a few heavenly dishes that we had!

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Finally, getting to my Athens post! Santorini was beyond relaxing so I put down the computer & picked up my kindle!

We arrived in Athens late in the afternoon, so check-in was easy at the Hotel Grande Bretagne. We quickly went up to their rooftop pool & found a comfy seat to relax in. A few drinks & a 15minute nap later the hub and I were ready for dinner. The hotel directly next door to our hotel (King George) is known for their rooftop views & restaurant so we took the long walk (jk) over there for dinner.

Tudor Hall was amazing. The Acropolis was literally in perfect sight & when the sky got dark it lit up! Not only was the view top notch, but our dinner was too – greek salad with caper leaves, grilled octopus, scorpion fish & blueberry sorbet! The meal was the perfect intro to the Greek cuisine portion of the trip.

The following day we woke up bright & early to begin our full day tour. We started with the change of guards at the Parliament (right by hotel) and then we were off  to the Panathenaic Stadium. It was noted as a great workout site open for runners early mornings, so the hub & I hit up this old Olympic Stadium for a quick workout. To our surprise, we were the only people there! This is a must do for anyone visiting Athens – when can you ever say that you worked out where the Olympics took place!?!

The next location was to visit was the Acropolis. There was a a lot of restoration being done on all of the buildings – supposedly it’s going on for the next 60 years! Regardless, it was a sight to see!! After seeing massive structures from centuries ago with a view from above the entire city we headed to The Temple of Olympian Zeus for a few photos & then Lycabettus Hill for another stunning view. If  you are hungry, have a snack on the top of the mountain or save your appetite and head to the shops right by Ancient Agora. Huge market with anything your heart desires & tons of restaurants lining the streets. After you fill your belly, head inside Ancient Agora to get the full tour of the site. The last stop before we headed to the airport was the Acropolis Museum. Wowza, was this a beautiful museum – when you first walk in you are above Grecian Baths, so make sure to look below your feet! Take your time & walk around the entire museum, it is one of the best!

With only 36 hours in Athens, I am pretty proud of what we accomplished! Next time we head to Greece a few more days in Athens will be a must!

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