Grilled Lake Erie Walleye in Foil with Mango Salsa


Have I ever mentioned how I love my hometown?!?! I swear, I may even do a post someday about how awesome Erie, Pennsylvania is! We have four beautiful seasons, 17 miles of beautiful beaches, an amusement park & slopes to hit during the winter – these are just a few of the countless activities to do in my hometown.

Anywho…the hub & I just spent a long weekend in Erie. Our time was packed full of family fun, just the way we like it! Starting off with babysitting baby girl (my beautiful niece), followed by two full days sailing on the bay, a pool day at the country club & we even had two family BBQs (board games included)! It was a blast!

For one of the BBQ’s, my hub and I decided to treat the fam & whip up a tasty meal. The hub & I were thinking of an aluminum foil grilled white fish – it was our lucky day, because my step-dad got up bright & early that morning to go fishing! He walked through that door with fresh Lake Erie walleye, cleaned & ready to be grilled!

I know this fish may not be local & even if it is local it may be tough to find – but you can easily swap out the walleye for any white fish of your liking!

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