Get Your Yoga On


Running around & not able to get to the gym? I get it, everyone is busy & with summer approaching there is only more traveling & less gym time. So here are some basic yoga poses that you can do anytime, anywhere – if traveling or even if you are just to lazy to get to the gym these simple poses can get you by.

These are 26 basic yoga poses that will get your blood flowing, get your heart rate up a bit & rest your mind. If you are feeling adventurous, try for 3 sets of this! Trust me, you will be glad you squeezed this routine in!

…and really, Sunday is the perfect day to restore yourself & your body, so try this out!

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Scream at the top of your lungs, cause it is the first day of Spring!! I wanted to make sure every single one of you starts this day off right and if you are ever in a ‘tude mood come back to this – it always seems to pick me up! photo

What do I take from this? Well, whenever I read this and I do read it often, I smile.  To me, it is just a friendly reminder that all will be okay. More of my thoughts below…

Today is a new day, remember that. Do not look back, never do. The past is the past & it happened for a reason. You are in the place you are supposed to be in. Make the best of it and look forward.

Think of every situation positively. We get handed in life what we can manage. You can do it. Negativity certainly doesn’t help you out. Not ever.

Healthy is happy. Fill your body with fuel – things that will energize you, not bring you down. If you have time to workout, do it. You will feel better. I promise.

Laugh.Create.Inspire. Laughing helps you, creating expands you & inspiring nourishes you. Enough said.

Be kind. Being cruel to others or yourself never wins in the end.

Live life. Experience it. We only have this one.

Enough of my thoughts. Go live it up to the fullest, it’s Spring after all!

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