Moksha Yoga NYC


pro: calorie torching classes & blissful vibes of goodness

con: cost, HOWEVER there is a way to practice for free – yes way!

THE BEST hot yoga studio around!  I found this gem back in January 2012 and it transformed my body – SWEAR!  Prior to Moksha I only attempted regular yoga classes at my gym and never ventured into Bikram.  The thought of Bikram scared me – all my friends said they yell at you, the room smells & you have to do strict moves even if you are tired.  Well let me tell you…Moksha is nothing like that!  It is a peaceful environment, where the teachers only want to help & inspire you, not yell.  The studio does not smell AT ALL &  you are not only told, but encouraged to listen to your body & rest, adjust or slow down your practice when needed.

Let me review a few aspects of the Moksha studio in NYC…

  • Check in was & is still easy breezy…few pages of paperwork are initially filled out & they run you through the lay of the land.  The Intro month is $40 for unlimited classes – hello CHEAP!  At the initial check in they give you a swipe card to use for future check- ins.
  • Mats, practice towels & towels can be rented, however I have my own so no need to use (bought at TJMaxx so affordable!) and water bottles can be borrowed.
  • Locker rooms are nice, have to bring your own lock and they do have showers with all in one wash so you can rinse off after you practice – major plus because you get super sweaty!!
  • The yoga studio steams…the temperature ranges from 95-100degrees!  and boy does it feel good – you detoxify & stretch like never before!  They have a few different types of classes – Moksha, Moksha Flow, Hot Yin, Yang Ying, Karma class & community classes – a complete mix of classes everyday at different  times.
  • The people are beyond amazing!  From the very first day to a year later I still get a very warm welcome whenever I attend a class…they truly care about their community and want everyone to be a part of theirs.  (example..they held our wedding day Moksha class for all our family & friends at their studio – it was the perfect way to start our day & got us going!)

SO PLEASE go and get your yoga groove on at Moksha Yoga NYC, you will not regret it!


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