Charred Corn with Sage

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Corn season is rapidly passing before our eyes, so get it while you can! I snagged a few husks at my grocery store & decided to char them – creating a perfect side to any dish! We paired it with fish tacos, but really any protein will work or add this to a salad & make it a main dish for a light lunch or dinner.

Lets get to it…

  1. Preheat 1T EVOO in skillet
  2. Remove kernals from 2 corncobs & mince 6 fresh sage leaves – set aside
  3. Dice one small yellow onion, add to skillet, cook until soft (~15minutes) then turn heat to high for 1minute & let the onions get a tad more color
  4. Add corn kernels & minced sage leaves to skillet
  5. Cook until corn is partially blackened (~5minutes)

Season with salt & serve warm. Hope you enjoy!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 2): 155 calories – 8 grams of fat – 20 carbs – 4 grams of protein

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Gwyneth’s Banana Ice Cream with Sweet & Salty Almonds


Holy Crud…yesterday almost tipped to 70 degrees in NYC & today the same, hallelujah!! I will be spending my day on our roof top enjoying the rays, writing, reading & eating some banana ice cream!

With that said, I am a huge fan of Gwyneth Paltrow & her banana ice cream recipe! Just in case you haven’t heard, my girl Gwennie is not only an actor & singer – but a straight up author! She just came out with her second book,  It’s All Good and I happened to pick up a copy this weekend. Thank goodness because I ventured into making her OH SO AMAZING banana ice cream today! This will be a summer staple!

  1. Dice up 4 peeled bananas, place in a single layer on a plate with parchment paper – stick in freezer for at least an hour
  2. Add 1/4C of raw almonds to a plastic sandwich bag – mash up with a can
  3. In a small bowl mix: almond chunks, 2t maple syrup & 1/2t salt (I used pink himalayan salt) – set aside
  4. Put the following in a Vitamix (blender or food processor will work): frozen bananas, 1/2C unsweetened almond milk, 2T maple syrup & 1t vanilla extract
  5. Blend & scrape sides down if necessary – the mixture should slowly become the consistency of soft serve ice cream

You can scoop right on out of the mixer or save for later & store in a tupperware container in the freezer. If you want to indulge immediately make sure you don’t forget the kick – the yumtastic salty almond maple glaze!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 4, 2 Scoops Each): 165 calories – 4 grams of fat – 32 carbs – 3 grams of protein

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