Meatless Monday: Lettuce Love

26 weeks

Three weeks have passed & the baby has upgraded in size to a head of lettuce! Let me tell you, I can definitely tell that baby ‘L’  has grown since being a grapefruit. While the hub & I were in Scottsdale over Valentines Day (post to come) my bump was on full display in my teeny two piece bikini! Baby was sure loving the warm weather & floating in the pool.

Anywho…let’s get our salad love on! Here are a few of my fave salads that I have posted over the past year or so.

Greek Salad with ‘Feta Cheese’ – this ‘feta’ is to die for

Dharma Kale Salad – I have been craving this salad & having it multiple times per week lately

Brussel Sprout Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette – brussel sprout heaven

Cabbage & Carrot Salad – clean & simple

Hope you enjoy your Meatless Monday!

xox SS

Glow Bio Review & Giveaway!!!


A few weeks ago I embarked on a 3 day cleanse, Glow Bio by Kimberly Snyder. Not only has she taught me a lot in both of her books, but I have truly changed the way I eat because of her straightforward thinking about food. It has opened my eyes & it all just makes sense, I swear! I love all her recipes (here & here are just a few I posted) & I truly stick to a Glowing Green Smoothie every morning without fail, yum!

Anywho, when I found out that she was opening her first retail location in LA, I was beyond ecstatic! Yes bummer it’s not in Beantown, but hey…they ship nationwide! Without thinking I ordered my cleanse from the west coast for immediate shipment.  The neat thing about ordering the cleanse was that I was able to speak to a cleanse specialist over email & phone. She understood what I wanted & she altered it for my needs. I also mentioned that I would be reviewing the cleanse on here so she sent a personalized note from my girl Kim Snyder (wahooo)!

Anywho, after a few hiccups (thanks to Fedex) my package finally arrived & I was eager to begin! All of the products arrived cold, so I quickly stored them in the fridge & got out my personalized directions to read over before I began. As well, due to a special promo I was able to snag both of Kim’s books for free with the cleanse! Hellooooo Giveaway (just comment below & you are in the drawing to receive both of Kimberly Snyder’s books, yep that’s it)! 

Continue reading for more details on what I consumed as well as giveaway information!!

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Acai Rainforest Smoothie…aka Chocolate Avocado Pudding

_MG_2479 (1)If you can find acai packets in the freezer department at your local grocery store then please snag it up! It is loaded with an abundant amount of nutrients & antioxidants – omega 3 fatty acid, amino acids, minerals, key vitamins, fiber & it tastes good too! How could you resist all that goodness wrapped up into a chocolatey pudding!

On to the tasty treat…

  1. In a Vitamix (or blender) combine: 2C unsweetened almond milk, 1 packet frozen acai, 1/2T raw cacao, 1/2 an avocado & a pinch of stevia (I personally don’t add stevia but the hubs can’t go without it – your preference).
  2. Blend until smooth consistency

This quick smoothie, snack or dessert can be served right away – if you want, top with some unsweetened coconut flakes!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 1): 320 calories – 30 grams of fat – 16 carbs – 16 grams of protein

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Cacao Bites (yes another one!)


Another date ball? Yes sir. We finished off the batch of  banana bread bites quickly and were anxious for more. If the first recipe intrigued you, I guarantee this bad boy will have your mouth watering. Hope you enjoy!

On to the recipe…

  1. In a food processor blend 2C almonds
  2. Once blended add in 6 pitted dates, 1/2C raisins, 3/4C unsweetened cacao powder, 3T maple syrup, 3T water, 1T coconut oil & a pinch of himalayan salt – blend until smooth consistency (~1-5minutes dependent on your texture preference)
  3. Roll out mini date balls with your hands (roughly the size of a ping pong ball)
  4. Dip the bites into raw/unsweetened shredded coconut flakes & set aside

These definitely have more of a dessert twist to them than the banana bread bites, but who says you cant have dessert any time of the day? Like the other recipe I placed the bites in a zip-lock baggie & stuck in the freezer. Perfectly chewy & no thawing required!

Nutritional Info Per Bite (Makes 30): 70 calories – 4 grams of fat – 8 carbs – 2 grams of protein

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Dharma Kale Salad


I know this picture looks alot like my Moroccan Spiced Lemon Dressing recipe I posted not to long ago – but I swear it is WAY different!

You know when you get into something & you just cant get enough of it – whether it be a pair of great fitting jeans, a tv show that you can watch an episode marathon of or a meal that you crave, even right after you just take that last bite? Right now I am into my one flannel, the TV show Revenge (don’t judge) & this salad!

I am talking about the Dharma Kale Salad. I love it, can’t get enough of it – just finished it for lunch & already thinking about making it for lunch tomorrow. I mentioned in a previous post that I finished reading The Beauty Detox Solution, well this is a salad that the author, Kimberly Snyder mentions in her chapters. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Wash & dry 1 head of kale – strip the leaves off the thick spine stem by hand, discard stalk & place leaves into a large bowl
  2. Add a pinch of sea salt into the bowl & begin to break up the kale into smaller pieces (the salt tenderizes the kale)
  3. Wash & add: 1/2C sprouts, 1/4C flat leaf parsley & 1 diced tomato
  4. Cut an avocado in half & scoop out one side into the bowl
  5. Cut a large lemon in half & squeeze the juice from one half into the bowl
  6. Add: 1T dulse flakes, 1T, nutritional yeast, 1T hemp seeds & cayenne pepper to taste (I add 1/4t)
  7. Now get in there with your hands & mix up this salad!

This salad is so sensational that I even got the hub into it! The creamy avocado, lemon juice & nutritional yeast really give this salad a killer taste & it is packed with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes & minerals (all the nutritional building blocks your body needs)!

Nutritional Info for the Salad: 370 calories – 17 grams of fat – 47 carbs – 20 grams of protein

For an ingredient list & original recipe please continue reading…

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Glowing Green Smoothie

_MG_2050Okay, I have to admit it – when I read the ingredient list to the Glowing Green Smoothie I was a tad skeptical!  However, I sipped this down so fast & can’t wait to make it again and again! The banana gives it a creamy consistency & the apple and pear really brings tartness to the smoothie! Try it out, I do not think you will be disappointed in how yummy this actually is, despite being SOOO healthy!

  1. Chop up: 1 head of romaine, 3 celery stalks, 1 apple & 1 pear
  2. In a Vitamix (or blender) add: 1.5C water, romaine, 1/2C spinach, celery, apple, pear, 1 banana & the juice from 1/2 a fresh lemon
  3. Blend until smooth.

Now pour yourself a huge glass & enjoy! I had mine for breakfast, but no matter what time you have this treat you will be pumped full of energy & ready to go!

PS. This freezes, so just put in tupperware & defrost the night before OR the smoothie will last in the fridge covered for up to 2.5 days!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 2): 215 calories – 1 gram of fat – 55 carbs – 5 grams of protein

For ingredient list & original recipe continue reading…

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Meatless Monday: Organic Avenue


It has been an interesting weekend to say the least – hub was away on a bachelor party in Reykjavik, Iceland and I was looking to get into something to kick off the warmer weather heading our way (today is supposed to be close to 70)! I decided a 3-day cleanse was fitting. The hub & friends wreaking havoc on the town & their bodies, while I spruced myself up!  Harsh, but the truth ;).

Anywho. In NYC we have a wide variety of cleanses to choose from. A friend of mine suggested Organic Avenue – so I went ahead & signed up!  I could either get a mix of the daily juices handpicked by their staff delivered to my doorstop every  morning (I love the convenience of NYC) or pick it up at a nearby location – I chose the latter so I could speak with the worker & pick out my own options for each day (I am one particular lady!).

This is an example of what one of my days consisted of:


  1. Lemon Shot – 100% lemon
  2. Splendid Sweet Green – pear, orange, cucumber, swiss chard, collard greens, kale, lemon & mint
  3. Avocado Tomato Basil Soup – purified alkaline water, avocado, lime juice, sun-dried tomatoes, green onion, basil, garlic, himalayan salt, black pepper & cayenne pepper
  4. Green LOVE – kale, celery, romaine cucumber, swiss chard, spinach, collard greens, pear, lemon & parsley
  5. Caring Carrot – 100% carrot juice
  6. Creative Cashew Hemp Mylk – purified alkaline water, dates, irish miss, cashews, hemp seeds & himalayan salt
  7.  Big Kale Salad – kale, arugula, celery, hemp seeds, sun-dried olives, raisins & carrots with their lemon herb vinaigrette (alkaline water, EVOO, lemon juice, dates, garlic, scallions, savory, thyme, himalayan salt, green onions & cayenne pepper)

I am sure the above list shocks you a bit – but I wanted to rejuvenate my body before the summer comes! Day 1 I felt weary of the outcome, but by day 3 I was feeling amazing! Clean body equals a clean mind & spirit. This was just what the doctor ordered! If you want to read more FAQs about the cleanse click here.

Continue reading if you want to hear the details of cost & the day to day of my cleanse…

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