jello arms for ALL!

Get ready to have tender arms tomorrow – this girl knows how to whip your body into shape! If you have never heard of Tracy Anderson please welcome her into your house…she shapes killer bodies, not only for herself but for many starlets including the one & only Gwyneth Paltrow!

This specific video is an 8 minute arm workout without weights. I know, not hard right? Well your arms will never go down that entire 8 minutes. Still not hard? Only way to find out is by trying it out!

I work out daily – cardio, strength train, spinning, yoga…you name it. But this video wears me out & I am crazy sore the following day! Not to mention, that in this 8 minute video I watch the minutes struggling & even count down the seconds at the end. This is only one of her multiple videos posted on youtube and I have gotten the same results for all! She even has her own line of products & videos for purchase…might be worthwhile.

…and just to give you a teaser one of my friends has said she feels like this video is on fast forward.  Go press play & try it out -Good Luck!

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