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Christmas present of the year award goes to…Momma Lehrian! Seriously, she hit it out of the ballpark!

Weeks before Christmas my mom was being major sneaky about a “top secret” project she was working on for us kids as a holiday gift…always had to hang up the phone to run an errand for it or call us back cause she was busy with it. Nosy me thought of everything possible she could be doing – my bro was having a something with that? all three girls in the family got married in 2012…was that it? Maybe a trip?  Nope. None of it. She trumped all of my ideas!

On Christmas morning she was handing out gifts – sweaters, socks – really typical presents. Then she passed around a bag to each kids wife/hub – a bag full of legit WS  kitchen supplies – measuring cups, timers, hot pads, spatulas, slotted spoons..the list goes on.  We all looked at my mom, thanked her for the goodies, she said your welcome & began tearing up.  All of us confused, she placed three boxes on her kids laps – we opened it up at the same time…

It was a recipe binder. Not just any recipes – all of them hand written by our mom. Family recipes that we grew up with. Recipes from her dearest friends, my mom’s egg casserole that she makes every Christmas Eve, my stepdad’s coconut fish he makes during the summer & even my grandma’s meatloaf she always made when she was still here.


All kids cried. My mom cried. A very emotional way to end our Christmas morning, but honestly the best way & I will never forget it.

I will no doubt be doing this for my kids (when I have them) & I can only say that any mother out there should do the same! It will always be cherished in our home.

Now I have to get to some cookin’ – there is a binder of mouth-watering recipes waiting for me!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


I am a proud aunt, sister  & sis-in law today!  My bro & his wife just added the latest addition to our ever growing family – Marissa Saturnina Lillis.  She is a slice of pure perfection.

The hub & I had the chance to meet her on her first day of existence! We were on our drive back from Florida when we got the news – cut our trip short and drove straight to the babe!  My sister-in law is a rockstar & deserve major props!

This lil’ Lillis is going to get a whole heck of attention over the holidays & for the rest of her life!! Can not wait to hold her again!


xoxo Aunt A

update…she is still an angel & the cutest thing you have ever seen!

Honeymoon Part III: camp jabulani

safari camp1The trip was beyond perfect thus far & I couldn’t imagine it getting any better! Boy was I wrong, words can not even express how wonderful the trip became…

Ru, our ranger & driver picked us up from the airport in our a decked out range rover – no doors & massive wheels!  We were brought back to the camp, which is located in a private game reserve amidst the wild. Driving up to the camp we saw zebra, warthogs & giraffes – and once we got to the camp we met the trained elephants! YES, we fed & rode the elephants!  We had a few interactions with these mammoths &  now these beasts are one of my fave animals!

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Honeymoon Part I: franschhoek, south africa

wine country

The wedding extravaganza weekend settled & all our family left – it was such a great party! However, Jon & I were SO looking forward to the next chapter…the honeymoon!

The first leg of our three week adventure began in amazing Franschhoek, South Africa – or as I like to call it, WINE LAND! We couldn’t have been more excited to check in at Le Quartier Français – when we got to our room wine was setup & a fire was lit,  just perfect!  The night was wonderful as is, but it only got better!  We had a dinner lined up at one of the top restaurants, conveniently located at our hotel- The Tasting Room.  This spot was crazy unique &  only one word describes this gem – WOW.

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