‘Cheesy’ Scalloped Potatoes


Did this picture sell you? Cause guess what…this is dairy free! Yep, you read that right – DAIRY FREE!

The back story to this amaze meal is as follows…The hubs & I heard about Boston Organics. Fresh, organic & cheap food delivery that comes to your door once a week. To begin, you pick what type of bin you want (fruits mix, veg mix or both), then tell them your fruit or veg “do not wants” & you can add on additional items each week (i.e. fresh eggs, bread, etc)! This past Tuesday was our first of many deliveries – cantaloupe, peaches, zucchini, potatoes, broccoli & spearmint and more.

So, what to whip up when you have all this produce at your fingertips? This dinner was inspired by the potatoes! Not only is this packed with ‘cheesy-like’ flavor, but it is full of healthy ingredients! So don’t get scared of all the  steps – it is SO worth it and now that I made it once it’s going to be quick to make next time!

Lets cut the cheese (or not…hehe)…

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Red Curry Snapper with Bok Choy

red curry red snapper

This recipe was found tucked away with all my cookbooks…it was ripped out from a Women’s Health magazine from April 2009! Either I have major problems getting rid of recipes or I don’t clean out my cookbook cabinets, like ever! Regardless, I’m happy that this wasn’t tossed away – it was completely worth the wait!  The spice from the red curry paste mingles with the creamy coconut milk and delivers tons of flavor in this dish!  The fish & veggies soak up this goodness & it leaves you wanting more…the hubs is asking for it again tonight! And let’s not forget to mention that all & all this recipe took under 15minutes to make!

Let’s get to it…

  1. In a small sauce pan combine 1T red curry paste, 1C light coconut milk & 1/2T brown sugar – cook/stir on low heat til sauce thickens (~10minutes) then add juice from half a lime – set aside
  2. Dice up one head of bok choy – set aside
  3. Spray cooking oil on a skillet, add 2 red snapper fillets (skin side down), season with salt and pepper – cook until golden brown (~4-5minutes)
  4. Once golden, flip & cook until the fish flakes (~3-4minutes/test it with a fork) – remove fish & set aside
  5. Immediately add the bok choy, 1C sliced shiitake mushrooms & juice from half a lime into the same pan where fish was cooking – cook for 3minutes max (depends on how crunchy you want your veg)

To serve, divide the veggies between two plates, place filet on top of each & drizzle red curry sauce around the fish. Enjoy!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 2): 400 calories – 16 grams of fat – 15 carbs – 50 grams of protein

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Sonoma Chicken Salad

_MG_2119The in-laws were in town for a few days…we partied like crazy to the wee hours every night! jk. But really it was a nice time, walking around with the amazing spring weather & enjoying dinners out at some spots we have been meaning to check out. One afternoon we were around our apt packing (yes, we are moving!) & I wanted to whip up a fast lunch for us. In just a few steps I made the ever so tasty Sonoma chicken salad, hope you like!

  1. Preheat oven to 375degrees
  2. Lay 4 skinless/boneless chicken breasts on a pre-greased cookie sheet & stick in oven for 25minutes or until completely cooked through
  3. While chicken is baking grab a bowl & add in: 1C Nayonaise, 4t apple cider vinegar, 5t honey, 2t poppy seeds & S/P to taste – mix up 
  4. Add in 3/4C crushed raw pecans, 2C sliced seedless red grapes & 3 stalks diced celery – fold in
  5. Let chicken rest for ~10minutes in refrigerator, then dice into bite sized pieces & fold in to mixture bowl

Let chill & serve with lettuce leaves (make tacos)!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 4): 350 calories – 10 grams of fat – 31 carbs – 32 grams of protein

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Cumin Scallops with a Cucumber Almond Salad


Okay, so this salad is so YUM! Such a crisp summer salad that I will be whipping up for dinner parties for sure! The scallops can either be pan fried, baked or grilled. The plan was to initially grill these babies, but the warm NYC day turned cold quickly so I decided to pan fry…still delicious, but grilled scallops are out of this world, so going to try that next time!

  1. Peel the cucumber, then slice lengthwise & quarter – place in bowl
  2. Then add 1/4C crushed raw almonds, 1 scallion thinly sliced (white & green parts), 1t lemon juice, 1T EVOO, 1/4C chopped flat leaf parsley & 1/8t salt – blend & set in fridge until serving
  3. Rinse scallops, pat dry & rub with cumin mixture (1/4C cumin, 1t salt & 1/4t pepper)
  4. Heat skillet with EVOO & sear scallops for 5 minutes on each side (or until cooked to your desire)

Skewer scallops & serve on cucumber mixture! Hope you like!

Nutritional Info Per Serving for Salad (Serves 2): 150 calories – 14 grams of fat – 6 carbs – 3.5 grams of protein

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Tuna with a Mustard Seed Crust

tuna with mustard seed crust

This recipe was so light and delicious! Sushi grade tuna steaks coated with just the right flavor & seared to perfection. YUM!

  1. In a small bowl combine: 1/2C crushed mustard seed*, 1t salt & 1/2t ground pepper  -blend & spread the mixture on a plate
  2. Using a sharp knife slice each tuna steak into long pieces (around 1/2″ wide)
  3. Gently place each tuna piece into the mustard mixture so it adheres on all sides
  4. Grab a large skillet & spray with cooking oil & 1T EVOO – place over medium heat, let stand til oil begins to crackle
  5. When skillet is ready place tuna in pan & sear on both top and bottom sides for roughly 1-5minutes (it really depends how rare you want it) – make sure the mustard does not burn, we want a golden hue
  6. Remove from heat & plate

I served this dish with pickled ginger (the hubs can’t go without) & a side of broccolini with shiitake mushrooms. The veggies steamed in a mix of 1/3C Braggs & 1t minced garlic & ginger for 2 minutes.

Quick, easy & very delicious!

Nutritional Info Per Serving Tuna (Serves 2 6oz pieces): 250 calories – 6 grams of fat – 5 carbs – 44 grams of protein
Nutritional Info Per Serving of Side (Serves 2): 90 calories – <1 gram fat – 18 carbs – 9 grams of protein

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Tilapia Salad with Apples, Almond & Honey Lime Mustard Dressing


A light salad for a warm day in the city! Make this for a tasty lunch or dinner – sounds perfect & these simple steps couldn’t get any easier!

  1. Preheat oven to 350degrees
  2. Place tilapia on a pre lined cooking sheet with parchment paper, season with S/P & bake for 20-25minutes
  3. While tilapia is baking whisk together: 2T fresh lime juice, 1T dijon mustard, 1/2T EVOO, 2t honey & S/P to taste – set aside
  4. Cut 20 raw almond in half & thinly slice 1 apple & 1 endive – set aside

Grab 2 plates & lay a few handfuls of arugula as your base. Toss the arugula with the sliced almonds, apple, endive & top with baked tilapia. Now drizzle on the honey lime mustard dressing & enjoy this scrumptious salad!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 2): 420 calories – 18 grams of fat – 26 carbs – 43 grams of protein

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Meatless Monday: Asparagus & Tofu Spring Roll


Regardless of yet another winter storm headed our way I am springing into spring with these rolls! Lunch, appetizer or dinner this a a great dish – flavorful & so light. Hope you enjoy!

  • Drain and slice Nasoya Firm Lite tofu into 10 equal rectangles, then cut each piece into 4 strips 
  • Grab skillet & spray with cooking oil – sear strips of tofu until golden brown, set aside
  • In a pot steam 20 trimmed  (6″) asparagus spears until tender crisp, drain then cut lengthwise, set aside
  • Fill a bowl with hot water and soak one rice paper wrapper at a time, let soften (15seconds) and  remove, let excess water drip off & lie flat on a clean/dry surface
  • Center 2-3 tofu strips in the bottom portion of the wrap – leaving a 1″ border on either side
  • Layer with 3-4 asparagus halves, 2 pieces of sliced avocado, shredded carrots & a few leaves of both fresh mint and fresh basil
  • Fold the wrapper over the filling and roll into a tight cylinder, folding in the sides as you go
  • Repeat until all of your fillings are used

For Dipping Sauce:

  • Whisk together: 1/3C braggs, juice from 1 lemon, 2T orange juice, 2T mirin & 1/4t fresh ground red pepper

Cut each roll in half & serve with dipping sauce!

I made the original recipe yesterday, which can be found here. Only thing different from the above is the use of salmon instead of tofu. I baked 5oz of salmon at 400degrees for 20minutes. It was just as simple & delicious!


Nutritional Info Per Tofu Roll (Makes 10 Rolls): 65 calories – 2 grams of fat – 9 carbs – 5 grams of protein
Nutritional Info Per Salmon Roll (Makes 10 rolls): 80 calories – 3 grams of fat – 9 carbs – 5 grams of protein

Fish Taco Friday with Coconut Flour Tortillas


Fresh salsa & beer battered fish – how could you go wrong on a Friday night.  Throw in a fresh tortilla & it sounds like the perfect weekend to me…ah the little things in life that make me happy!

For Salsa:

  • Grab a bowl & dice the following: 1 tomato, 1/4 red onion &  1/2 a jalapeño 
  • Mix in 3T fresh lime juice, 1/4C cilantro leaves & season with S/P/cayenne 
  • Set aside until you are ready to serve

For Fish:

  • Cut 10oz of tilapia in strips – set aside
  • In a bowl blend: 3T whole wheat flour, 1/4t cumin, salt, and cayenne – then whisk in 1/3C beer (I used Corona Light)
  • Dip fish strips in beer mixture, place strips on a pre-greased skillet over medium heat
  • Cook for 2-4minutes on each side – set aside & cover to keep warm

Now if you want to go wild & make your own tortillas then get on board – it was my first attempt at making them & I was shocked at how easy it really was! I can say that this will not be an every time occurrence, pre made shells are a-okay in my books.

Coconut Flour Tortilla:

  • Whisk together: 1/4C & 2T water, 2 eggs, 2T EVOO & 1t fresh lime juice
  • In another bowl combine: 2T coconut flour, 1/4t baking powder, 1/4t chili powder & 1/2t cumin
  • Slowly pour wet into dry mixture – whisking until smooth consistency
  • Spray cooking oil on pan or griddle – portion 1/4C batter & pour on hot surface – spread evenly
  • Let batter cook for 1 minute, cover with skillet lid & let cook for another minute, flip & cook for 2 minutes
  • Set completed tortillas to side & continue until the batter is finished

Lay your tortilla flat & stack with fish & salsa – mmmmmm mmm good!

Nutritional Info Per Serving for Salsa (Serves 2): 100 calories – 7 grams of fat – 14 carbs – 2 grams of protein
Nutritional Info Per Serving for Fish (Serves 2): 220 calories – 8 grams of fat – 10 carbs – 25 grams of protein
Nutritional Info Per Tortilla (Makes 4): 115 calories – 10 grams of fat – 3 carbs – 4 grams of protein

Crockpot Greek Chicken


Who doesn’t love a crockpot! I remember watching my mom assemble our morning breakfasts & packed lunches while piecing together dinner for that night in the crockpot. Come the afternoon, I would be excited to walk into a house looming with mouth watering aromas & then a flavorful feast for dinner.

With that said, I knew I had to have a crockpot once I got my own place – a decade & a few crockpots later I still have the same love. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall I put it to use.

  • Begin to layer crockpot: 3C baby carrots then 3 peeled and sliced yukon potatoes (1/2″ thick), 1.8-2lbs skinless/boneless chicken breast & flavor with 1/4t salt
  • In a side bowl mix: 2C low sodium chicken stock, 2t minced garlic & 1/3C dry white wine**- pour into crockpot
  • Cover & let cook on low for 4-4.5hrs OR on high for 2.5-3hrs

Once the time is up on crockpot…

  • Rinse & add one 14oz can of artichoke hearts – if large, quarter – cook on high for 5minutes (if you cooked on low turn to high)
  • After the 5minutes – use a slotted spoon & transfer veggies & meat to a serving bowl – cover to keep warm
  • Grab a small bowl, whisk together 1 full egg, 2 egg yolks, 1/3C fresh lemon juice & 1/2C of juices from crock pot – mix until smooth
  • Blend egg mix into remaining juices in the crock pot – cover & let cook for 15-20minutes – whisking 2-3x
  • Once it thickens (& temp reaches 160degrees) add 1/3C fresh chopped dill and ground pepper to taste

Pour the juices over your portion of warmed meat & veggies – Serve with crisp bread. Enjoy!

** I used Ramona Pinot Grigio – yes the NYC Housewife’s brand. Got to represent!

Find original recipe here.

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 5): 360 calories – 7 grams of fat – 35 carbs – 40 grams of protein 

Halibut with Pea Purée


Yum in my tum. Another cold day in NYC (come on spring!) – this is a tasty & easy dish that can be whipped up quickly! I forgot how much I love halibut – the steaming broth & cold peas really brought this together. Delicious!

  • Turn broiler on high – line cookie sheet with parchment paper & place 2 halibut filets (4-8oz each) on top.
  • Drizzle filets with EVOO & fresh ground pepper/salt
  • Place in oven for 8 – 10minutes
  • Heat a pan on stovetop: add 1 diced shallot, 1T EVOO, juice from 2 small lemons (or 1 large) & 1.5C of low sodium chicken broth – bring to boil & let simmer
  • In a food processor combine 2C of semi-defrosted peas (leave out for ~5min bf), 1/4C fresh mint leaves & 1t minced garlic
  • Pulse, add 1T EVOO, pulse again and then add water or more EVOO (I opted for H20) to a consistency where it is still sticky – set aside

To serve grab 2 bowls: ladle broth into both bowls, then dollop a generous serving of the pea purée in the center and lastly place the halibut on top of purée. Try to serve piping hot!

Original recipe here !

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 2 with 6oz filets): 480 calories – 19 grams of fat – 22.5 carbs – 52 grams of protein 
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