Moksha Yoga NYC


pro: calorie torching classes & blissful vibes of goodness

con: cost, HOWEVER there is a way to practice for free – yes way!

THE BEST hot yoga studio around!  I found this gem back in January 2012 and it transformed my body – SWEAR!  Prior to Moksha I only attempted regular yoga classes at my gym and never ventured into Bikram.  The thought of Bikram scared me – all my friends said they yell at you, the room smells & you have to do strict moves even if you are tired.  Well let me tell you…Moksha is nothing like that!  It is a peaceful environment, where the teachers only want to help & inspire you, not yell.  The studio does not smell AT ALL &  you are not only told, but encouraged to listen to your body & rest, adjust or slow down your practice when needed.

Let me review a few aspects of the Moksha studio in NYC…

  • Check in was & is still easy breezy…few pages of paperwork are initially filled out & they run you through the lay of the land.  The Intro month is $40 for unlimited classes – hello CHEAP!  At the initial check in they give you a swipe card to use for future check- ins.
  • Mats, practice towels & towels can be rented, however I have my own so no need to use (bought at TJMaxx so affordable!) and water bottles can be borrowed.
  • Locker rooms are nice, have to bring your own lock and they do have showers with all in one wash so you can rinse off after you practice – major plus because you get super sweaty!!
  • The yoga studio steams…the temperature ranges from 95-100degrees!  and boy does it feel good – you detoxify & stretch like never before!  They have a few different types of classes – Moksha, Moksha Flow, Hot Yin, Yang Ying, Karma class & community classes – a complete mix of classes everyday at different  times.
  • The people are beyond amazing!  From the very first day to a year later I still get a very warm welcome whenever I attend a class…they truly care about their community and want everyone to be a part of theirs.  (example..they held our wedding day Moksha class for all our family & friends at their studio – it was the perfect way to start our day & got us going!)

SO PLEASE go and get your yoga groove on at Moksha Yoga NYC, you will not regret it!


Labor Day 2012 Breakdown

Only one word can describe the entire weekend – BLISS. Two words – PURE BLISS.

Jon & I really wanted to showcase the NYC that we know to all our family & friends…so here is a quick breakdown of each day & our top picks of NYC!

  • Tuesday my mom & sister arrived – dinner at our fave spot Penelope
  • Wednesday Jon had to work (bummer) and his folks were arriving later in the day so I planned a spa day for us girls – Great Jones Spa. If you have never been make sure to put this on your NYC  ‘to do’ list.  Major relaxation was needed & that was exactly what we got!  After a calming afternoon we headed to Dizzy’s Jazz Club and met up with Jon & his folks for a rockin’ show – Jon & I even got a shout out by the performers!  For a night cap we walked to the Hudson Hotel Terrace for a dazzling view of the NYC skyline.
  • Thursday was the real beginning (no turning back then!) ALL our immediate fam was finally in town!  West village family dinner was a must so we picked the best place – Des Santos.  Wonderful food, flowing drinks & the best company…a real quality night.
  • Friday was REHEARSAL DINNER DAY, yippie!!!  Hotel gift bags were being handed out, friends were trickling in & flowers being delivered (bulk flowers for rehearsal dinner from 50flowers – AMAZE) Anywho – passed off all our handmade decor to our day of Loli Events and took our time getting to the rehearsal dinner at The Boat Basin NYC.  This place is a sight to see and always has Jon & I coming back every summer weekend- right on the Hudson River, BBQ & a chill vibe.
  • Saturday… WEDDING DAY…Let the games begin!!  Jon & I wanted to start our morning off right so we got some fam & friends together for morning hot yoga at the best studio in the city – Moksha Yoga NYC.  After decompressing Jon sped off to our apt for ‘boys’ lunch & hangout time..I checked in to the Gansevoort Park Ave and guests kept piling in-  moms, friends, sisters, babies & hair/makeup arrived within minutes and the day began…
  • Sunday we definitally required a hangover brunch – and boy did Jon & I plan our APT!  Every guest was encouraged to stop on by for bagels (provided by Vic’s Bagel Bar), mimosa’s and tylenol!   The party slowly ended but not for us – as a thank you to our folks for the wonderful weekend we planned a broadway show.. Rock of Ages!  The night quickly turned into hot flashes for both Jon & I that we actually had to leave the show for a bit – to much day drinkin, yikes!

Hope you enjoyed the breakdown of our wedding…next post will be the specific events with pics!

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