Tomato & Bread Salad

tomato bread salad

The hub & I were just in Nantucket for Labor day this year – we stayed at the ever so magnificent Cliffside Beach Club.  We couldn’t ask for a better hotel – it was right on the beach, had superior service & the hotel was super accommodating with the babe! One of our favorite dishes at the hotel restaurant was the tomato & bread salad. All of the ingredients were from locals on the island – everything was so fresh!   However, my hub came up with the twist of adding white truffle olive oil to it & boy oh boy it gets our tastebuds swooning.

And yes, you read above correctly – white truffle olive oil! When I was the new gal on the block in Boston I came across Boston Olive Oil Company on Newbury Street – quickly became a regular. They have countless flavors of balsamics & olive oils – best part, they let you taste every kind your heart desires (note to self, go hungry!).

Anywho, I know tomato season is coming to an end…but this recipe doesn’t have to! The white truffle olive oil really gives a fall vibe to the dish!

On to the recipe (serves 2):

  1. Preheat your oven to 400degrees
  2. Dice up your bread ~1inch cubes:  place on cooling rack or a cookie sheet & stick in oven til they turn golden brown. Remove & set aside
  3. Slice your large tomato horizontally to get 2 thick cuts – place each slice on a plate
  4. Dice up the remainder of your large tomato & a second smaller tomato – add to a large bowl
  5. Sliver about 10 pitted green olives, and rip up a handful of fresh mint – add to large bowl
  6. Add the crisped bread to the large bowl & toss with 1T truffle infused olive oil, 1T champagne vinegar & S/P to taste

Really mix all of the flavors together well & let it sit out for about 10minutes. Spoon the mixture on to the plated tomato slices & serve!

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Nantucket Love


First off, yes I am still having a love affair with my Anthropologie hat! I would link it up or for that matter buy 2 more for myself to have as backup – but they no longer have it, fail.

Anywho…on to my next obsession, Nantucket. My hub surprised me for our one year anniversary with this lovely getaway for Labor Day weekend (I know, he is a keeper). We escaped the city last Thursday morning & drove the ever so quick <1.5hr drive to Hyannis for our ferry to the island. The Hy-Line high speed cruise took only one hour – but with food & cocktails aboard, we already felt like we were on vacation!

When we arrived, my expectations of Nantucket were immediately exceeded. The cutest shops, restaurants & houses adorned with grey cedar shingles were everywhere as soon as we stepped off the ferry. Brick roads led us through the cutest town & finally to our hotel, 76 Main. This hotel completely got us, from the wonderful staff to the BYOB happy hour (around their fire pit), & to top it off they even had a ‘stretch, sauna, sip & cycle’ package – yes, this hotel was made for us!

After dropping off our bags, we freshened up & headed out the door to get a quick drink & appetizer at Boarding House before heading to dinner. CRU was exceptional for dinner. The blue crab & Nantucket lobster cocktails were both out of this world, the fresh oyster selection had me only wanting more & to top off the night their blackberry cabernet sorbet was AMAZING! Lets just say I had this more then one night (yes, I went back for more)!

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Nantucket Love Lobster Roll

IMG_7912I love Nantucket. For real, I love Nantucket. Did I tell you I love Nantucket? If you haven’t been, make sure to put Nantucket on your bucket list. Whether it’s next summer or 20 years from now you must go!!

I will post a brief summary of our trip to Nantucket in the next few days, but until then I wanted to share with you my love of the lobster roll. Had one for lunch before leaving the island & created this dish the following day. Too much goodness in one sandwich, enjoy!

  1. Boil 4lbs lobster (until red) or buy 1lb cooked lobster meat
  2. If you boil – crack lobster open, remove meat, cut into 1/2inch pieces, place in bowl & refrigerate for at least an hour
  3. In a small bowl mix 1/2C diced celery, 1/4C regular mayo, 1.5T fresh lemon juice, 2t dried basil, 1/4t salt, 1/4t pepper, dash of sriracha sauce & pinch of cayenne. Add mixture to bowl of lobster meat and toss together – refrigerate
  4. Preheat a skillet on stove top, lightly spread Earth Balance original spread on both sides of 2 hot dog buns & toast til golden brown on both sides

Scoop chilled lobster mix into toasted buns & serve with a side salad or jicama fries (recipe to come this week)!

Also, I know this is a high calorie meal – but it is an end of the summer treat! Love every bite of that roll!

Nutritional Info Per Lobster Roll: 560 calories – 27 grams of fat – 31 carbs – 50 grams of protein

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