“Falling in lov…

“Falling in love was easy. anyone could fall. It was holding on that was tricky.” – Liane Moriarty, The Husband’s Secret

Not going to lie – this book was read what felt like forever ago! I am slapping myself on the hand because I didn’t review this book as soon as I was done reading it! Need to stop doing that. I remember (before I got into reading) when my mom used to describe books that she read & was getting them all confused with one another. I was in disbelief with how she could simply get them confused….well look-y look-y, I am now my mother! I blame baby brain.

I do remember this book being a good one. It begins with a wife finding a letter addressed to her in the event of her husbands death! Yeah, that had me turning the pages pretty fast.  So with that, I give The Husband’s Secret a thumbs up!

approvedDon’t judge, I will do better next time – promise!

November Book Club


Cecilia finds a letter from her husband to be opened after his death – but he isn’t dead yet. Like a good wife, she tells her husband that she came across this letter – he says not to open. Why not? Should she open the letter? What is in this mysterious envelope?

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