Is it a brush or is it a comb…it’s a Pennello!


Not going to lie…I was a bit hesitant to test this product out. My friend’s momma invented this – she is a hairstylist back in my hometown & has been since I was a babe myself. So nerves set in, what if I didn’t like!??!

Well, no need to be nervous any longer – I LOVE IT!

At first glance I was thinking that the bristles may hurt my head & not be enough power to get through some of my snarls. However, when I jumped out of the shower, my hair was still a bit snarly…I combed the Pennello right on through with no tugging necessary! I have now been using it on my wet & dry hair – same results. And let me not forget to mention that this bad boy is lightweight & tiny – hello perfect travel buddy! Instead of lugging around my huge brush that is last minute crammed into my bag, the Pennello will easily slide right into my makeup bag!

Anywho…let me recap some of the details below which are on their site as well….

  • Ideal for all types of hair (fine fragile hair to coarse curly hair, men, women & children)
  • Excellent on multi-cultural hair because it glides right through so not to pull, tug or tangle
  • It can be used on wet or dry hair
  • It can be used to power dry long hair or style short hair
  • Is a great tool to backcomb hair without tearing your hair
  • Is a great tool for hairstylists to comb through color evenly

And a major fave of mine is when my baby girl gets some long curly locks she won’t shed a tear when I comb through her hair!

Moral of the story is…go get yourself a Pennello…who wants a normal brush these days anyways…go hybrid!


and if you want check out the link below 🙂

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