Baked Salmon with Simple Roasted Potatoes

IMG_9345Hellllooo baby potatoes – you are my new found love interest (sorry hubby)! The star of this dish was supposed to be the salmon, but scootch on over fish – these carb filled lovelies have won me over!

I have made these potatoes several times & let me tell you, yum in the tum. The perfect warm side to a dish for anytime of the year. I can picture my summer grill outs now with this tasty side!

On to the recipe…

  1. Preheat oven to 425degrees
  2. Slice your baby potatoes lengthwise, place in a colander & toss with 2T EVOO and a generous amount of pepper
  3. Place them on parchment lined baking sheet in a single layer & roast for 25minutes
  4. While they are roasting zest one large lemon, then juice the lemon – combine the zest/juice with 1.5T flakey salt – set aside
  5. Remove potatoes from oven, toss with lemon/salt mixture & roast for another 5-10minutes

Voila, the easiest & most scrumptious potatoes around! Give them a try!

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Poppin’ Pop Chips!


How can you hate snacks that are actually healthy for you! These chips will not add on the pounds or handles!

These babies are made by popping – not friend or baked. They will never leave a greasy film on your fingers, only some happiness of flavor left to lick!

They are packed with natural flavor – no fake color or preservatives and they leave out the bad guys – no MSG or hydrogenated oil!

AND the best is yet to come – all snack packs only have 100 calories: share bags have 360*, they are gluten free & you can read every ingredient on the label!

If you have yet to try Pop Chips then track them down at your local store or buy them here – trust me, you will never pop any other chip in your mouth again!

*on a rough day you could eat an entire share bag & not feel guilty! Where else could you get a large chip bag for under 360calories!

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