Matcha Green Tea Chia Pudding


For the sweltering summer months we need a cold treat, and this is it! It combines two powerhouse foods – chia & green tea!

I love chia seeds & find them really tasty in recipes because they bulk up quickly to form a gelatinous texture (previous recipe here , here & here)! Plus, these seeds are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber & antioxidants to just name a few of the benefits.

Matcha green tea powder has endless health benefits as well (read here), plus adding it to any recipe will give you a bit of pep in your step with the caffeine!

So lets get to making this summer treat…

  1. Add the following into a blender: 2C almond milk, 2T maple syrup, 2t matcha powder & 1t vanilla extract – blend until mixed well
  2. Grab a medium sized bowl & add 6T chia seeds
  3. Pour liquid mixture over chia seeds  – stir thoroughly

Let the chia pudding sit out & stir every few minutes for 15minutes. Then let the mixture chill in the fridge for at least an hour or overnight (I did overnight & it was amazing).

Top with fresh berries & a sprinkle of unsweetened coconut.

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 4): 140 calories – 6 grams of fat – 16 carbs (9 fiber) – 5.5 protein

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Meatless Monday: Chia Seed Pudding

_MG_2112HAPPY EARTH DAY!!  My current “go to” dessert: Chia Seed Pudding. Quick, simple, so satisfying & filling! Only a few simple steps to get this tasty dessert ready. Check it  out…

  1. In a blender mix: 2C almond milk, 2T raw cacao powder & 2t stevia – blend til same consistency throughout
  2. Place 1/2C raw chia seeds in a bowl, pour almond milk mixture over the seeds & mix well
  3. Let stand for at least 10 minutes before mixing again

If you have leftovers this stores very easily in the fridge – so make a few servings so this treat is always ready for you!

Hope you enjoy!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 2): 280 calories – 15 grams of fat – 23 carbs – 14 grams of protein

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