Birthdays & Babies!


I don’t know about you, but I catch myself quoting & acting like my mom all the time (like ALL) – from the way I say hello when I get home or even how I love to rock my gym clothes all the time (even when I know I won’t be going to the gym)! I am my mothers daughter & I am dang proud of it!

Anywho, I have two special momma occasions today so this post is only fitting!

First off, it is my mother in-laws birthday! Yippie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOMMA W! It is a big one, so if you see her, make sure to give her a big hug & wish her a happy day!

Second, one of my dear friends is about to become a momma! She is currently at the hospital about to have her baby boy – well, we are crossing our fingers it happens today! I am sending all my positive vibes her way.

Happy day to two special ladies! xoxo

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