Red Curry Snapper with Bok Choy

red curry red snapper

This recipe was found tucked away with all my cookbooks…it was ripped out from a Women’s Health magazine from April 2009! Either I have major problems getting rid of recipes or I don’t clean out my cookbook cabinets, like ever! Regardless, I’m happy that this wasn’t tossed away – it was completely worth the wait!  The spice from the red curry paste mingles with the creamy coconut milk and delivers tons of flavor in this dish!  The fish & veggies soak up this goodness & it leaves you wanting more…the hubs is asking for it again tonight! And let’s not forget to mention that all & all this recipe took under 15minutes to make!

Let’s get to it…

  1. In a small sauce pan combine 1T red curry paste, 1C light coconut milk & 1/2T brown sugar – cook/stir on low heat til sauce thickens (~10minutes) then add juice from half a lime – set aside
  2. Dice up one head of bok choy – set aside
  3. Spray cooking oil on a skillet, add 2 red snapper fillets (skin side down), season with salt and pepper – cook until golden brown (~4-5minutes)
  4. Once golden, flip & cook until the fish flakes (~3-4minutes/test it with a fork) – remove fish & set aside
  5. Immediately add the bok choy, 1C sliced shiitake mushrooms & juice from half a lime into the same pan where fish was cooking – cook for 3minutes max (depends on how crunchy you want your veg)

To serve, divide the veggies between two plates, place filet on top of each & drizzle red curry sauce around the fish. Enjoy!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 2): 400 calories – 16 grams of fat – 15 carbs – 50 grams of protein

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Tuna with a Mustard Seed Crust

tuna with mustard seed crust

This recipe was so light and delicious! Sushi grade tuna steaks coated with just the right flavor & seared to perfection. YUM!

  1. In a small bowl combine: 1/2C crushed mustard seed*, 1t salt & 1/2t ground pepper  -blend & spread the mixture on a plate
  2. Using a sharp knife slice each tuna steak into long pieces (around 1/2″ wide)
  3. Gently place each tuna piece into the mustard mixture so it adheres on all sides
  4. Grab a large skillet & spray with cooking oil & 1T EVOO – place over medium heat, let stand til oil begins to crackle
  5. When skillet is ready place tuna in pan & sear on both top and bottom sides for roughly 1-5minutes (it really depends how rare you want it) – make sure the mustard does not burn, we want a golden hue
  6. Remove from heat & plate

I served this dish with pickled ginger (the hubs can’t go without) & a side of broccolini with shiitake mushrooms. The veggies steamed in a mix of 1/3C Braggs & 1t minced garlic & ginger for 2 minutes.

Quick, easy & very delicious!

Nutritional Info Per Serving Tuna (Serves 2 6oz pieces): 250 calories – 6 grams of fat – 5 carbs – 44 grams of protein
Nutritional Info Per Serving of Side (Serves 2): 90 calories – <1 gram fat – 18 carbs – 9 grams of protein

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