how to peel a pomegranate…

I love me some pomegranate seeds & my hubs, well he just eats spoonfuls! They are tart, sweet and bursting with flavor. Major antioxidants & loaded with vitamin C – this super fruit should be a part of anyones diet!

One major issue with these babies is the hurdle of actually getting the seeds out…well fret no longer – it is ridiculously easy & a so much cheaper then buying containers full of pre-seeded pomegranates! My grocery store was selling a small container for $10 & one pomegranate for $2, best part is they sell these two right next to each other! Well HA…I will no longer be falling into their trap!

  1. fill a large bowl with cold water (few inches shy from the rim) 
  2. cut pomegranate in half
  3. submerge a half of the pomegranate under the water & peel back the sides & white membrane – seeds will sink to the bottom (continue with other half)
  4. remove excess membrane or skin from bowl & strain

Enjoy these tasty nuggets plain, on a bed of greens with balsamic dressing or my all time fave – fage 0% with honey & wheat germ – perfect breakfast, snack or dessert!


Store the seeds in an airtight container & enjoy for up to 3 days!

Poppin’ Pop Chips!


How can you hate snacks that are actually healthy for you! These chips will not add on the pounds or handles!

These babies are made by popping – not friend or baked. They will never leave a greasy film on your fingers, only some happiness of flavor left to lick!

They are packed with natural flavor – no fake color or preservatives and they leave out the bad guys – no MSG or hydrogenated oil!

AND the best is yet to come – all snack packs only have 100 calories: share bags have 360*, they are gluten free & you can read every ingredient on the label!

If you have yet to try Pop Chips then track them down at your local store or buy them here – trust me, you will never pop any other chip in your mouth again!

*on a rough day you could eat an entire share bag & not feel guilty! Where else could you get a large chip bag for under 360calories!

Meatless Monday Snack: The Simply Bar


First off…these can become problematic, so watch out! My husband is majorly addicted to the peanut butter chocolate bar – orders bulk quantities monthly to his office & stashes them in his drawers. Okay, so not that big of an issue I know…but when he is eating 5 a day, maybe.

Anywho – these babies have the most protein for the least calories…a nutrition label that is short & only contains words you can read…and have 10 grams of sugar or less per bar! Almost sounds to good to be true? Let me add that they are gluten free, vegan, kosher and all natural! Try finding these qualities in any other protein bar!


My go to bar is the Cocoa Raspberry because it has the least calories – 140. It has a dark chocolate taste with chunks of raspberries in each bite. Another fave is the Cinnamon Pecan, just scrumptious! Order these babies in bulk like my hub or try out one, they sell at most health food stores, GNC or here.

Enjoy Presidents Day & Eat up!

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