To Sprinkle or Sparkle?

pdf egg

Clearly I am partial to sparkling my eggs (get it? The Sparkled Sidewalk) but both of these techniques are too cute not to share!  Such a fun way to dazzle up your Easter merrymaking with adults or kids & the uses for these are endless!

If you use real eggs make sure to not set out as decor – but this works just as well with plastic or foam eggs! I can imagine the Easter wreaths, centerpieces, garlands & name cards now or the lucky find of one of these pretties on the kiddos’ Easter morning egg hunt!

Anywho…lets hop on over to the details:

  • Cover surface that you are going to be working on with newspaper, set up disposable bowls (any bowl will work, I just wanted easy cleanup) & lay out foam brushes
  • Pour each sprinkle or sparkle into their own separate bowl 
  • Place parchment paper on a plate & pour Elmer’s Glue on it (or in a disposable bowl)
  • Use the foam brush & cover hard boiled eggs with a thin layer of glue on one side – gripping the very top & bottom of the egg with 2 fingers
  • Dip egg into bowl of your choice – cover the one side & let it dry for 30minutes in the bowl or until hard
  • Once dry, put glue on the other side & repeat the above process

Take out & shake off – VOILA! Continue on this fun adventure with whatever coats you like!

If you attempt please send me pictures…and now how am I going to use these for dinner? They are too pretty to eat!

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