Oscar Madness- nylon & mud, oh my!

I wanted to get a little red carpet ready before the Oscars – so why not try out a few hot trends in beauty & put them to the test!  I popped my popcorn, poured a glass of champagne & let the magic happen.

Too Faced, Better than False Lashes Nylon Extension System


Saw this product on the Today show not to long ago & I was beyond excited to try this baby out! First off,  ANY girl wants to add some volume to their lashes – okay so maybe not all,the 1% of women that have the lashes we would die for, but the other 99% want some pump-  so I was crossing my fingers for it to work!

Started with clean lashes, not an ounce of day old mascara on them & curled them

Step 1:  Used the primer, easy enough..

Step 2: Add nylon to lashes, made sure to cover all the lashes – fuzzy lil nuggets started getting in my eyes, not a good sign!

Step 3: Finish off with the same primer – closed off the nylons & it was beginning to look good..

My initial reaction – not impressed. I wanted volume & a noticeable difference for my friends to be complementing me on. But no go.  Watching the Oscars these puppies..aka nylons… were still getting in my eyes & clumping up.

Overall. No go & don’t recommend. Bummer I know.


GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment


Now this GlamGlow was a Pinterest find – so I was all over it. Smoothed a thin layer all over a freshly cleaned face (besides the clumps of lashes) and let this mud work its magic. Kept it on for roughly 20minutes & actually saw the treatment working – the mask started to reveal dots of vacuum extraction & absorption of oils, toxins & bacteria- my husband was in shock to see the mask working right then!

The mask was very easy to wash off unlike some other masks..my skin felt very tight right after but heck, I noticed a difference right away! Will be using this all the time & highly recommend!

ps…who do you think has the HOT & NOT look of the oscars 2013? Read on & find out my picks for the night

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