Garden Salad with Herb Vinaigrette


Fresh tarragon, dill, parsley & chives pump this salad up into such an enjoyable bed of greens! Literally bursts of flavor packed into every bite! I actually made some of the same radishes from my crab stuffed deviled eggs yesterday and topped the salad with them (the lemon gave them such a punch). Yum, for real! It’s going to be such a great side salad for our Easter dinner on Sunday too!

  1. Dice up 1/3C fresh chive, 1/3C fresh tarragon, 1 minced shallot  & place in a small bowl
  2. Mix in 2t grain mustard, 1/4C champagne vinegar,  1T EVOO & S/P to taste – stir & chill until ready to use
  3. In another bowl combine: 2C sliced radishes, juice of 1/2 a lemon & season with salt – cover & set in fridge for 30minutes or until you are ready to plate
  4. Slice up 1 cucumber – set aside

To serve on a large platter: lay 4C mixed greens, 2C arugula, 1/3C fresh parsley, 1/3C fresh dill sprigs, top with sliced radishes and cucumber. Finally drizzle on the chilled dressing and sprinkle with both caraway & mustard seeds!

It doesn’t get much more fresh than that!

Nutritional Info Per Serving for Dressing (Serves 4): 80 calories – 4 grams of fat – 8 carbs – 3 grams of protein

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