Meatless Monday: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes


Hot cake, hot cake – who wants a hot cake? I’ll take two please…make that three! Welcome to my world cinnamon roll pancakes, cause you are staying with me forever!

On meatless Monday I usually start my day off with a beet juice – consisting of apple, celery, lemon…ya know all those goodies you want after an indulging weekend! So when I woke up with carbs on my mind I knew I needed to nix the juice! Mission: fix my carb craving. Found just the recipe – cinnamon roll pancakes, hello tasty! These delicious cakes were eaten up fast & the glaze was licked clean off that plate (TMI?).

  • In a large bowl mix: 1C whole wheat flour, 1T sugar, 2T baking powder, 1/8t salt, 1C almond milk, 2T melted coconut butter & 1.5T ground cinnamon – stir till smooth consistency
  • Preheat griddle (or pan) & spray with cooking oil – spoon portion of batter on griddle, I used a large ice cream scoop to portion my pancakes & it worked wonders
  • Brown on both sides – set finished cake to the side & continue process until all batter is used up
  • In side bowl combine: 2T almond milk, 1/8t vanilla extract & 1/3C powdered sugar
  • Whisk until all the chunks are gone

Grab as many pancakes as your lil’ heart desires (no judging here!) & top with sugary glaze!

Shout out to original recipe here.

Nutritional Info Per Pancake (Makes 6 cakes): 130 calories – 5.5 grams of fat –  22 carbs – 3 grams of protein
Nutritional Info for Glaze (Serves 2): 165 calories – <1 gram of fat – 40 carbs – <1 gram of protein

My love of protein & fiber

I live off of these two products & honestly don’t know how I survived before them!         

RawProtein     fiber

Raw Protein is a vegan organic protein powder that you can blend with shakes, mix with almond milk or  have with water.  It provides enzymes, live probiotics and has raw sprouted protein – which makes it very easy to digest.  You really can’t beat such a low carb/high protein powder!

Typically after my morning gym session I will have a breakfast shake with 1-2 scoops protein, 1 scoop of the fiber, handful of fresh berries & almond milk – completely appetizing & full of good nutrients!  Sometimes I even go off the rocker and have the protein, almond milk &  chocolate #9 as dessert – DELISH!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (one scoop): 80 calories – 0 fat – 3 grams of carb – 17 grams of protein 

 Super Fiber  provides 6 grams of non-soluble fiber per serving.  I am living proof that this fiber gets your day ‘going’ on the right foot (get it?) – but for real girls always share way TMI and all my girlfriends talk about how they are ‘jammed up’ or they haven’t gone in a few days – HELLO NOT HEALTHY!  I always recommend GNC Super Fiber – you mix with water or almond milk – barely has any taste and does not bulk up like other fibers.  Like I mentioned above, I always have in my morning shakes and in water before bed.

Nutritional Info Per Serving (one scoop): 30 calories – 0 fat/protein – 7 grams of carb, which 6 are non soluble
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