Let the Adventure Begin…


I can’t wait for my big trip to begin!! The hub and I take off tonight and will arrive at our first location tomorrow morning!! Where in the world will The Sparkled Sidewalk pop up, you ask? Follow me on Instagram for daily clues! And guess what?!?!…The first person to answer each location correctly will win a prize from that spot (nothing extravagant, but just a lil’ something fun)!

Follow me on Instagram @thesparkledsidewalk !!

Please note that I will be traveling for the month of June – all prizes will be sent out in July. This “contest” is being done solely for fun and by participating you accept that there will be no recourse to The Sparkled Sidewalk in the event you are unhappy with your prize. 

Road Trip!

goodie bag 1

Hello from the road! We have been packing the apartment away & finally hit the road to good ol’ Boston! Hopefully no delays for both the moving van or us, cause we are ready to call Boston our new home!

While on the road or in the air, I always get myself into predicaments…with my food judgement that is. When stopping at rest stops to fill up the tank or relieve your own tank (hehe) there are only a few options to pick from, whether it be Starbucks, McDonalds, Subway or just a gas station convenient store. At the airport you are typically in the same situation. You can pick & choose over all the candy and snacks you want, but you will typically not find the best for your belly. To avoid my easily swayed brain away from all the treats that I could engulf myself in, I typically pack a goodie bag for the car ride or flight & let me tell you, it never disappoints…and trust me, after you scarf down a Big Mac you will be wishing you listened to me!

  • Bag of organic baby carrots
  • 1 Oskri bar (any kind, they are all yum)
  • 1 apple & 1 pear
  • Bottle of water *
  • Small bar of dark chocolate…love the chili dark chocolate – your mouth gets too hot so you can’t eat the entire bar!
  • Napkins (I tend to get messy)

*While flying chug, literally CHUG water! This is the perfect way to stay de-puffed & fresh for your arrival. I always feel so bad for the poor people sitting next to me if I happen to be in the isle seat or window though…restroom breaks happen way too often!

Now get on the road or fly away & hit up all your Memorial Day parties this weekend. Be safe!

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