Let the Adventure Begin…


I can’t wait for my big trip to begin!! The hub and I take off tonight and will arrive at our first location tomorrow morning!! Where in the world will The Sparkled Sidewalk pop up, you ask? Follow me on Instagram for daily clues! And guess what?!?!…The first person to answer each location correctly will win a prize from that spot (nothing extravagant, but just a lil’ something fun)!

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Please note that I will be traveling for the month of June – all prizes will be sent out in July. This “contest” is being done solely for fun and by participating you accept that there will be no recourse to The Sparkled Sidewalk in the event you are unhappy with your prize. 

Goodbye NYC, Helloooo Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv, Sea Side 3471

Jetting off to Tel Aviv in a few hours for one of my girlies’s bachelorette party! They planned this down to the wire – so pumped! Full of beach days, wonderful dinners each night, a few club nights (oh man) &  two full days of activities! We are exploring Jerusalem for the entire day & the other excursion day we are climbing Masada and going to the Dead Sea!

With that said, I will most likely be updating my Instagram only while I am away. So make sure to follow me so you can see all the rad photos from our adventures!

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So excited to document my trip, can’t wait to report back!

xox SS

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