Honeymoon Part III: camp jabulani

safari camp1The trip was beyond perfect thus far & I couldn’t imagine it getting any better! Boy was I wrong, words can not even express how wonderful the trip became…

Ru, our ranger & driver picked us up from the airport in our a decked out range rover – no doors & massive wheels!  We were brought back to the camp, which is located in a private game reserve amidst the wild. Driving up to the camp we saw zebra, warthogs & giraffes – and once we got to the camp we met the trained elephants! YES, we fed & rode the elephants!  We had a few interactions with these mammoths &  now these beasts are one of my fave animals!

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Honeymoon Part II: cape town, south africa

capetownOur next stop was Cape Town, South Africa! We had a few days to pack in an everlasting list of things you can do in Cape Town…

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